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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Photows?

Photows.com is a community for photography enthusiasts. It is designed to be the home of both world-famous photographers and amateurs alike. You can upload your best photos, organize them into albums and share them with anyone or keep them private.

How much does Photows cost?

Photows.com is a free service. It costs nothing to join or maintain your account, so sign up today.

How many photos can I upload?

There is currently a limit of 4000 total photos per user. Users can upload up to 400 photos per week. We recommend you upload only your best photos.

Are there limits on file sizes or file types for uploads?

Photo uploads must be at least 700 pixels wide or tall, and are limited to a maximum resolution of 2560x2560. The uploader may accept photos of a larger resolution and a file size up to 8MB, but they will be re-sized before they are uploaded.

Photos must be in JPEG (JPG) format.

Non-photo images, such as graphic art, paintings, illustrations, etc., should not be uploaded. Uploaded photos should be suitable for workplace viewing and family-friendly.

Can anybody see my photos?

Photos in public albums are viewable by everyone. If you set the album's Privacy Settings to Private then they will only be visible by you or those to whom you share the album password.

How can I copyright my photos?

In most parts of the world, including the U.S., Canada, EU countries, and Japan, you are automatically granted copyrights to your photos.

Remember that you can only copyright images that you own. In some instances, you may not have the rights to all of the elements that you've photographed (for example, the work of another artist) and may not have the rights to reproduce that photo elsewhere.

What does the "Flag Photo" link on a photo page do?

You may come across an uploaded image that violates our Terms of Service for photo requirements, such as containing nudity or copyright infringement. There may also be comments on a photo page that could be considered abuse. In such cases you can click on the "Report Photo" link to mark photos or comments that you think require review by Photows.com staff. If the content is found to violate our Terms of Service it will be removed or hidden.


If you have a question not answered here, feel free to contact us.